Painting: Geometric Watercolour with Nat Daniel Art Saturday 31.01.20 11 - 2pm

Create a modern, quality original artwork for your home. In this workshop, our local artist Nat Daniel guides you expertly through the techniques of watercolour, and balancing form and shape. 

As always, no artistic experience required! Nat has hand picked the tips, tricks, skills and techniques of this style to make it easy to follow. 

Apart from a great atmosphere and a fun time, here are some points of value you can expect from the workshop:

1.  Tailored. Want to paint your partner’s favourite colours, be inspired by your family's home town architecture? Make it personal, giftable, hangable, meaningful. Each person walks out with a completely unique artwork. 

2. Quality. Anyone that’s ever heard Nat nerd out about materials will know that she doesn'tt skimp on quality. No primary school poster paints allowed. You will use professional artist quality materials to get the real experience, and the real, long lasting results. 

3. Sustainability. Nat sources supplies from small, local, passionate businesses, and partners with people aiming to improve our community.

4. Curated. By an artist, for a fail safe approach to colours (no garish colour clashes here) and an end product you’ll actually want to put to up on the wall.

5. Taught. Thoroughly planned, tested, and tested again. You'll learn skills you can take home and use again.

What is included:

  • Introduction to watercolour and materials

  • Professional-quality, sustainable paint, brushes, and paper

  • Skill building session to create modern colours and designs 

  • Two A4 artworks which you paint in your own unique style 

  • Glassware (cleaned with an on-site dishwasher)

  • Herbal tea 

  • Clean apron provided for each person

What you need to bring: Your imagination, great attitude and a bottle of something nice to sip on.


When: Saturday 31st January 2021 11 - 1pm
Where: We Are Mindful - 95 Cronulla Street, Cronulla NSW 2230
Cost: $89

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